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We have a professional painting service for your residence and commercial place, always working responsibly in every detail, offering a 100% guaranteed service with the best paint supplier; Sherwin Williams.


We have a professional pressure cleaning service for your residence and commercial place doing an excellent cleaning job removing all the dirt in-depth with our professional staff

Does Your Home Need a New Look?

We paint experiences. In the end, it’s all about family moments. We love to transform family homes people can live a clean, fresh and pleasant environment, feeling a new change in your home, choosing a suitable tone to give warmth to your home.


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I wanted to thank Alex at Alexo Painting for the great job. He painted the interior of my home and his work was neat, clean, and detailed. Thank you and I highly recommend Alexo Painting!!
Elizabeth Zisholtz

Customer from Google

The house looks amazing! Project was executed on time. Team has delivered excellent customer service. Thank you very much for your professionalism, quality work, tidy work areas and prompt responses to comments.

Maria Ledezma

Realtor from Google

Quality and professionalism beyond the limits.
Franco Galagarra

Customer from Google

Excellent service, very good attitude towards me and he took the time to explain the difference between the kinds of paint I should used, on top of that very clean and did a professional job. I would recommend ALEXO PAINTING 100%.
Alex Zea

Customer from Google

Alex is a great professional and wonderful guy
He did a great job for us!
So no doubt we will recommend him and will call him next time

Inaki del Campo

Customer from Google

Painted my entire house. Excellent quality of work with attention to detail.Very reasonable pricing.
Would highly recommend these painters.

Morris Funk

Customer from Google

Your Home or Business will never be the same!

Our professional team is obsessed with detail and the final result. So you and your family can receive a clean, fresh and nice environment, feeling a new change in your home, choosing an appropriate tone to give your home a new life.


We Pay Attention and Focus on Details


We will perform an impeccable, responsible work in each little detail, taking into account how important is quality and punctually to our customers, we guarantee our work has a team of professionals with experience


Our Painting Services:





 We provide a free estimate by going to your home or your business, answer your questions and clarify your concerns, helping you choose the best option. Giving an excellent painting service using the best qualified personnel and suitable painting.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that your home is your favorite place and that your family is the most important thing for you, where your happiness is always alive. We are here to give color to your home. We know that you always have many questions when making a decision when painting your home or business. We have created this space to answer your questions.

1. How often should the house's paint be retouched, either inside or outside?

Facade and wall paints should be done every 3 years to take care of cracks and tingling or that the wood is kept in good condition.

2. If the wall has cracks, it can be repainted, what should be done?

Yes, of course, we should be able to paint taking into account that if there are badly adhered parts on it, they should be carefully removed, then gently washed and apply a sealant and continue painting again.

3. What is the difference between interior and exterior paint?

The interior paint is formulated to meet the requirements of washes, with emphasis on finishing and shine. As for the exterior, it is formulated to resist the inclement weather, sunlight, rains, cracking, industrial gases and are more reinforced with fungicides and algaecides that prevent the formation of fungi, molds, and spots.

We partner with the best paint manufacturers.

We entrust all our work to Sherwin-Williams


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